Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blue Bay-Riviera Maya

We’re back!
Jared and I had an amazing getaway from November 11-21 at a resort close to Cancun Mexico.  We went with our parents and sisters, and bro-in-laws on the Reimer side.
It was the perfect mix of relaxation and fun!  We shed our winter layers quite quickly after landing in temperatures around 28C.  The resort (Blue Bay) was large enough that they used golf cart style vehicles to cart us and our luggage to our building (Coba) where we stayed on the second floor.  The only door between outside and inside was the door to our individual room.  That was how the racoon got up the stairs to our hallway.  He was a friendly racoon who came when Jared called him!
Though I’m not much of a swimmer, Jared is the polar opposite.  He was constantly in the water.  We both enjoyed walking along the beach.  As with all inclusive resorts, fancy drinks were readily available at any time and any place on the resort grounds.  On one of our beach walks we discovered a swing bar!  No bar stools, just swings hung around the bar!  Very cool!
This resort also employed professional photographers who would go around taking pictures of people which you could later purchase prints of at the store.  Along with taking pictures of people tanning and swimming, animal trainers came around with different animals that you could have your picture taken with.  In this way we were able to hold a small monkey and a toucan.  We also had a number of pictures taken on the beach.  As they were professional pictures I do not have the rights to post them.
One of the highlights for Jared was jet skiing in the ocean!  All three brothers (in-law) went out together and zipped around together.  Jared also went out with my dad and R.W. (bro-in-law) on an explore tour.  There they enjoyed sailing along zip lines, driving amphibious vehicles, underground rafts , and swimming in a stalactite river (underground river system).
As a family we went on a tour of the Mayan ruins.  The highlight of that tour was climbing the pyramid.  Jared made it to the top and got some great pictures.  I on the other hand was over heating and quite nervous around the halfway point.  After the pyramid, our tour guide took us to a glorified hole in the ground to swim!  Lol!  I believe the correct term is cenote;  A deep natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath (definition courtesy of Wikipedia).  Descending a spiral staircase for some time brought us to a beautiful underground cavern with crystal clear water perfect for swimming.  It was great!
Jared and I went on an ATV tour just the 2 of us.  It was fun cruising through the jungle along narrow paths.  The tour led us to another cenote to swim as well as another underground cave that the Mayan people, we were told, believe to be the entrance to hell.  There we saw some bats and small catfish in the cave lit with a flashlight.
We also enjoyed a few shopping trips to various flea markets.  The last one we visited we found a baby lion to take pictures with!
On our last full day we enjoyed our resort’s spa pools!  It was WONDERFUL!  It was laid out a lot like a lazy river but with different jet stations.  Jets for your neck, for your back, a powerful jet for swimming against the current… every kind of massaging jet you can imagine!  It was great.
Thanks to Mom and Dad Blatz and B.K. for bringing us to and from the airport!