Monday, October 15, 2012

School if Ministers '12-'13

This is my class!  I should really be doing homework right now but I wanted to put this up here for anyone curious what my class looks like.  This is the silly picture, for the normal picture you can click :

They set it up so when you scroll over the picture it switches to the silly picture.  Anyway.  I will get back to my reading now!

Year 1 2012-2013

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Another 5 weeks gone!  Wow that went by fast!  I almost forgot to take a picture!  But here it is:  Jaymi and baby at 15 weeks!  Unfortunately, the snow we had, melted before 'picture day' but the snow will be back long before baby is born!  This picture was taken on our deck and it actually wasn't THAT cold out.  Still a little too cold for short sleeves but I love this shirt (thanks Mom R!) so we made it quick!  This angle actually makes it look like I'm a little bigger than I actually am, just to clarify!

The pregnancy is going very well, I'm in my second trimester and I have mostly said good-bye to morning sickness and discovered heartburn!  At our first prenatal visit we got to hear the baby's heart beat through a Doppler device.  We discovered that our baby is quite active, even though I cannot feel it!  With the Doppler, we could hear a lot of kicking!  I told Jared that this baby must take after him!  Very energetic!  I really look forward to actually being able to feel the baby's movements!  What a miracle!

School of ministers is also going really good!  I'm doing a lot of reading which in the past I haven't found much time for.  But I have been learning a lot in my reading!  We're reading a book on spiritual disciplines which is really good.  The author has a great way of explaining things, like prayer, fasting and study...  obviously I'm not fasting from food right now!  No worries there!  I've also really been enjoying our  Bible reading.  It's a bit tough some weeks to get all the reading and reviews done on time, but what I'm getting out of it is really worth the effort!

Hmmm.  What else has gone on the last 5 weeks.  We're back into doing our children's ministry at church, which has been awesome!  We're doing pre-natal classes (a little early I know) which are also at church which is cool!  The lady has given us a lot of scripture and prayers to pray over our babies, which is really cool!  I'm still doing daycare for 2 awesome little boys.  Jared's still at the farm and goes to the fire hall on Tuesdays.

Actually just a week or so ago, Jared got to go on his first fire call!  It was actually a bit ironic!  The first week of October is 'Fire Awareness' week (or is it even the month?  not sure).  Anyway, the fire hall had planned an open house.  But when Jared got to the hall, he discovered that there would be no open house for him to help at, as all the trucks and firemen available were out!  There were SO many fires in our area that they were even calling in the rookies (Jared included) to come help out!  So Jared was sent to a bush and grass fire in Giroux area.  It was a really long day for him, but it gave us a taste of what's to come when Jared has his full Firefighter Level 1 and will attend more calls.  Here's a few pictures from the fires in our area just on that 1 day!  Unfortunately there were no photographers on scene in Giroux where Jared was.
2012 10 blumenort fire1
Blumenort bale and sawdust fire
Richer brush fire
2012 09 roseau river fire
Roseau River fireworks turned brush fire

kleefeld fire
Kleefeld field fire
vita house fire
Vita brush fire, turned house fire, turned town fire!  5 homes were lost in this fire which is actually outside of the Steinbach Fire Department's range but as other smaller departments went to help in Vita, Steinbach stepped in to cover for those other smaller departments.
So that's a quick snap shot of the last few weeks!