Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Funny Fire Banquet!

As promised, here is my 21 week picture which I got Jared to take after attending his Fire Department Banquet!

Speaking of the banquet, something funny happened while we were there; at least I thought it was funny!  The hosting fireman was just getting everyone quieted down to start the evening when there was this super loud 'BEEEEEP!'  Then: "911 to Steinbach Fire....something something... structure fire...something... Please respond!"  All their pagers were going off in unison!   So they all left, leaving us wives, girlfriends, and 1 husband (his wife is the only female fire fighter on the crew) sitting alone at our tables!  I was sitting with 2 wives and we were saying how we really hoped it would be a false alarm or we could be sitting here a while!  Well lucky for us it was!  They came back within, maybe 30 min or so and we had a somewhat cooled down supper!

I have a whole new respect for fire fighters and all that they do.  They have to get up and go at any moment, fight a fire, or remove someone from a severely damaged vehicle, or save a life, then just go back to whatever they were doing before like nothing happened!  Like this last night, or more this morning around 1 Jared got a call, responded, came back to bed, then got up a few hours later and went to work!  Or earlier this week there was a car accident where extraction was required to remove people from their vehicles, one of whom was deceased.  How do you just resume 'normal activity' after seeing and dealing with something like that?  Jared was not on call for that accident, but he is on call for car accidents this week.

Oh!  We were blessed yet farther in the purchase of the Pathfinder!  When we received the Pathfinder and Jared was sorting out the final details and giving him a certified cheque, the man selling us the Pathfinder, gave us extra money to shampoo it as he hadn't had time to get it done himself.  That was really nice of him!  Then he added that him and his wife threw in a little extra for the baby!  Super nice!  We thanked him without counting the cash he laid down and they continued their dealings with changing the plates and such.  I counted it later and they had given us a HUGE gift in a 3 digit dollar amount! For some reason I feel hesitant to write the actual dollar amount on here, but WOW!

In other news, Jared wanted me to clarify that we bought the Pathfinder for more than just his work, as he actually will use it very seldom for that.  He will only use the Pathfinder for work when it's the only means of him getting there.  We also bought the Pathfinder, for the convenience of the car seat, and so I have options when he goes on fire calls.  We have to have strategies in place whenever we go somewhere or I'll just be left stranded!  The Pathfinder will also be a lot more convenient for camping  and trips, or just carrying around all of Baby's stuff!

Anyway!  I should go!  I have homework, devotions, and house cleaning to do!