Friday, May 3, 2013

My Miracle Baby!

I am EXTATIC to introduce to you all my little boy Jazer Scott Blatz!

Jazer, pronounced Jay-zr, was born at 6:27PM on Friday, April 12.  He was 8 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long.  Jared was an amazing coach timing contractions and rubbing my back through every contraction.  Here's some interesting math:
19hour labor x 60 minutes per hour = 1140 minutes
My contractions ranged from 10 minutes apart (start of one to start of next) down to 4 minutes.  So lets say every 7ish minutes.
1140minutes / 7 =162.8 contractions
Wow!  That's a lot of back rubs!  I remember the last contraction lasted 30 minutes because I pushed for 30 minutes and that contraction didn't stop until he was born!

My first thought when they lay Jazer on my tummy was: "He's here!"  I looked up at Jared (teary eyed as he was) and said exactly that!  Then I looked back at Jazer and just stared at him, I didn't even notice that he'd pooped on me!  One of my next thoughts, quietly to myself was: 'He doesn't look like me!'

While the doctor was stitching my 2nd degree tear, and telling the nurse: 'can you hold this here so I can stitch this to here...' Jared and I confirmed his name would be Jazer.  I had come across the name in my Bible reading as a city name mentioned in Numbers (21:32).  It means 'helpful'!

So that's briefly how it went!  Since then we've been doing a lot of learning!  We've both been learning about feeding (I'm nursing) and I'm learning how to soothe him when he cries.  This poor boy has a hard time getting his burps out, so we're finding out what does and does not work for him.  I have now known Jazer for 3 weeks and this is what I've figured out:

Jazer likes:  Daddy time, baths, Catnip & Fennel, the snugli carrier, being carried on his tummy, soft blankets, being held, movement, lights, windows, his soother, foot rubs

Jazer does not like:  being cold, getting out of the bath, hitting himself in the face, stuck burps, a dirty bum, a hat or hood over his face

That appears to be all I have time to write!  This little man sure keeps me busy with feeding diapers and getting things done!
Jazer with Daddy in his first sleeper

Jazer snuggling with Mommy

One of Jazer's many adorable expressions caught on camera

A onesie bought by Jazer's Grandma Reimer

We got this onesie in a gift bag from Anna's House.  I thought it was perfect!


  1. YAY pictures!! I am so excited and thrilled he is here!

  2. Congratulations, Jaymi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course I heard about the arrival of your little miracle baby on your sister's Facebook, but I've been eagerly awaiting your blog post so I could congratulate you personally! I have a little gift for you I bought when I found out you had a boy that hopefully I'll be able to give you sometime soon. All the best to you & your FAMILY :)

  3. Jaymi & Jared,
    Congrats again!!! It was good to run into you guys at the store. You have an adorable little boy. And I must say again, that from these pictures, 'I sure do see mommy' :):)

  4. I nominated you for a blogging award!